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nehemiah project

Mission Statement

The mission of the Betty Mitchell Children For Life Center will provide basic fundamental training and mentoring programs to help aid children in reading, writing comprehension, spelling, applying mathematical knowledge, enhance health, wellness, social activity and to provide a single point of entry into the world of services for youth located in southwest Fort Worth a rapidly growing area of Fort Worth-Crowley, Texas.

Problem Statement

The youth population in this area is increasing rapidly with the building of new low income housing.  The issues regarding young adults are well documented.  We are concerned with the problem of teen pregnancy, middle and high school drop out rates, escalating drug use among children and criminal activity that has raised the concerns in this area of the city.  These problems are like a cancer that has plagued society and continue to embarrass everyone. Unsupervised youth often have problems regarding drugs, sexuality, and criminal behavior.  Families are often unprepared or unable to deal with these issues on their own.

Project Summary

Educational activities are provided through partnership with the local schools. Activities at the youth center include tutoring in areas of need, computer usage skills, group counseling on grief and peer pressure, poetry, aerobics, after school care, exercise,  job preparation skills, sex education and interaction with local law enforcement officials to help guide troubled youth through the difficult areas of their lives.

Expected Results

The attitude and behavior of local youth improve.  Crimes such as vandalism decrease dramatically, and the entire community benefits.  The importance of teaching self sufficient traits through training and mentoring programs shows a significant success rate when properly managed and maintained through follow up contacts, visits, etc.  These programs are designed with a reality of producing positive results.

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